August 10, 2006

An update on Chloe

Today Chloe had an appointment at Kennedy Kreiger Institute (I think they're kinda connected to Johns Hopkins). We met with the Physical Medicine and Rehab doctors who are overseeing Chloe's progress. They were really pleased with how she is doing physically...our main problem is keeping track of her movements!! :) Two counselors from Child Psychology talked with us about Chloe and how we felt she is dealing with what has happened and where she's at now. Everything I told them that we had been doing with her, talking with her and trying to be open to whenever the opportunity arises to talk with her about what has happened, etc...they agreed with. They said to just keep doing what we're doing and I guess in alot of ways that was a big relief to me. I've struggled with not knowing how to help Chloe work through all that she's gone through...I just didn't know where to go and what to say while working with the communication and understanding of a three year old. But I have a feeling Chloe is alot more aware of what's happened and what is going on than I think. She's a smart cookie this one! :)
Anyways, the Drs just wanted to check up on her and see how she was doing. It seems that Chloe captures the heart of those she comes in contact with. Must be her disarming personality! :) So it was a good visit, I left there encouraged that they were really encouraged by her progress. At the same time, I keep thinking that with her going back into the hospital next week we'll just be taking two steps backwards. But then again, that's next week and I don't have grace for that right now.
She has finished her methodone medicine if you think of it you could pray that her adjustment to being off this strong powered med would be smooth and without too many side effects. Her appetite has not come back yet and her digestive system is a bit "backed up". So you could pray for her to eat and "move", to put it politely. :)
Thanks y'all for praying, writing, loving, don't know how much your support and notes/comments mean to us! To know that we're not alone and that many many faithful hands are lifting us up before God's throne of grace is incredibly calming. We love you all!

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