August 11, 2006

A beautiful day!!

Today was an unusual day for Maryland in was gorgeous! It was the kind of day that makes you kick back, relax and believe that all is right in the world. Joel's mom, Dian, is visiting for a few weeks...helping us out and just being an extra support to us. I can't be happier she's here...she has such a relaxed and easy going way about her that I need. We played alot outside with the kids today, they loved it! Going through tough stuff makes you grab those special moments with your loved ones...the laundry can wait, the dishes too...the emails can be put off til tomorrow...but my children, no, they need me now and I need them desperately.

Just try to tell Chloe that there might just be something she can't do...nope, not her, not ever! :)

This is my serious child...Alex used to stand still for pictures, now he runs away...oh well, I'll catch him if I can!

The kids are thrilled to pieces that Grandma is back...we are so blessed to have family close by, well ok Canada isn't "close" but you can get there in a day! :)

Chloe ROCKS with her new kid size walker...she is a motoring machine! The Drs at her physical therapy appointment asked me if she was always that mobile, talkative and energetic...uh, YES!

He's a cooooool rider....!

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