August 06, 2006

O bla dee, O bla goes on... :)

Some things won't change...Chloe and Alex were having BIG TIME fun playing in the pool! Chloe thought it was just great that Alex was letting her dump water on his head and fill his "special tub" up with water! :)

Joel and Alex playing some soccer together at Nate and Rachel's house. We got together for a little cookout while Joel's parents were visiting us. It was nice to have a break, get out of the house and feel a bit "normal".

Some of our dear relatives in Louisiana sent the kids a big package of presents. Here they were having LOTS of fun opening them and posing for a picture! :)

Alex and Chloe have really needed each other and have been wanting to be together alot since the accident. We decided to buy them bunk they have a whole "new room" together and they love to play in there! It looks like a brand new and cozy room (Dora for Chloe and Camping/Fishing Explorer for Alex) for them and that really does our hearts good to see their big smiles and hear their laughter. :)


Oregon Criss's said...

I've been keeping track of you thru Derek and Sarah, and our prayers have been with you all.
My son Wyley needed surgeries on his face, so I went on state assistance and its tbe best decision I made. I was a single mom and moved in with my parents. In Oregon all income has to be accounted for inorder to be eligible, so I didn't work for the first year, and just cooked and cleaned for my parents (I was also going thru a difficult emotional time), and the state said that was fine. After I started working they didn't pay attention to my parents income because I stated that I paid my share of utilities, food and rent. They continued to cover the boys with their insurance. All that to say, Wyley had 23 surgeries in 3 years that were completely covered by our states insurance and its so wonderful to know that despite the sacrifices I made by working a lesser paying job and living with my parents, in order to keep him in the insurance because it was paying 100% everything,was a million times worth it now. I never once felt I was taking advantage of the system because I was working full time and paying my taxes like everyone else. His surgeries overall cost over 300k, and I'm so thankful that we aren't doomed to paying that off for the rest of our lives!
Anyway, I just thought I'd try to encourage you to go ahead and keep the state insurance. You're constantly in our prayers!
~debi criss~ (ntbi 98-00) Jeremy Carlton's little sister

Oregon Criss's said...


Glad to hear form you!
I wanted to clarify real quick (after re-reading my comment) that I did indeed pay my parents for the rent, utilities, and food :)I thought I should atleast clarify that for you :)I'm no liar or system cheater :)
I'll pass the note onto Jeremy. You can check out his 'myspace' from my blog.
Keeping you covered with prayers!

Jessica Sharpe said...

Hiya, isn't the internet great. Des and I have been praying for you guys since the day mom told about Chloe and we do continue to pray for you guys. I wish we would have been able to stay in contact through the years, but life just seems to get so carried away. Your kids are getting so big, and they are adorable =)

We have a website as well, that we try and keep up to date with pics and a diary...
If you have time, you might want to check it out.

We are coming home for a visit in just a week and half. I am so looking forward to it, especially seeing Toby!! He has gotten so big, so I've heard.

Well, keep in touch if you'd like.

Warmest Regards,

Borbe Bunch said...

HI Schmidt family,
We have just now read your blog and now know of your sweet Chloe and all God has brought you HIT both Edwin and I and we PRAISE God that you are all together now as a family....there is POWER in prayer....we know first hand through our son Ezra :) We love you and just wanted you to know, we are praying and PRAISING God that He alone holds are children when we can not....(during hosptial stays)
Love to you all,
The Borbes

David and Erin James said...

wow. i read through almost your whole blog, lots of catching up to do:) It is great reading through your memories even though it brought many tears to my eyes. You are an encouragement to me in the way that you respond to Him and the things He brings into your lives. I look forward to reading more and more....

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