August 25, 2006

The earnest prayer of a righteous person...

has great power and wonderful results (James 5:16)!!! :)

Just wanted to update y'all about Chloe's appointment with the Plastic Surgeon (Dr. Park) Thursday. First, THANK YOU for praying!! We went early since it seems at this clinic that appointment times don't really mean much and it worked out great. :-) From the time we got there to the time we left, it was just 1 hour (which is record time for us)!!
Anyways, the Dr let me undo the dressing on Chloe's leg myself again, which really helps to keep Chloe pretty calm. The Dr was thrilled with her progress and the leg is healing wonderfully!! Whahoo, thank you thank you thank you for your many prayers for our little cherub! What a HUGE relief to hear those words come out of the Dr's mouth. So I am now just putting Bacitracin on the skin graft and then wraping it with gauge and an Ace bandage (to help with the shaping of her leg)...doing this twice a day. So far it seems to be an ok process, Chloe isn't thrilled by any means but because her leg looks SO much better with the skin graft, I think she is slowly getting used to seeing it this way.
Dr. Park wants to see Chloe back in three weeks and prayerfully at that time, her leg will be healed enough to begin the prosthesis work!! WOW! This was amazing news...we never expected things to progress this quickly. It seemed that the Dr was impressed as well...hence my title for this entry. The PRAYERS of righteous people ARE at encouraged as we are!! :-)
Chloe has an appointment on September 8th with a basically is an evaluation appointment. I called about insurance today and got some more good news. It seems that Priority Partners, who Chloe is under now, has no rules about how many prosthesis you can get in a year or whatever. So it looks like all of these appointments and everything will be covered under this insurance! Thanks for praying about this issue as well!!
In other news...Alex stars kindergarten this coming Monday...I can't believe it!! Am I really that OLD?! :-) Ha! He is sooo excited and we are too for him! I think the timing is perfect as he'll be able to meet some new friends and have good avenue in which to spend his endless supply of energy!!! If you think of him, pray that he makes the adjustment smoothly and is a good listener. Pray for me as I'm sure I'll have the typical Mother of a first day kindergartener meltdown. Sigh...where did my baby go??! :)
That's it for now...just wanted to get something on here so y'all can be encouraged with what God is powerfully at work in our little girl's life and ours! God is gentle and patiently loving, He meets us where we're at and doesn't give up on us. I praise Him for undertaking for Chloe and for us in all the big ways and small ways and ways that we can't even see yet! God is good all the time, y'all! Have a great day, we love you!!


Phyllis said...

I came over here from Derek and Sarah's blog. Now I've read through your story, and I'm praying for you, too. Reading about Chloe made me cry, but what a wonderful testimony you all are to God's goodness!

On a different subject, when were you at NTBI Jackson? My husband and I also met there. We graduated in 1999 (him) and 2000 (me).

Kari said...

Hi Phyllis!
Thanks for stopping by and saying hello! :) You have no idea how much it means to us that you're praying for us...we need it!!

I was at Jackson from Aug '96- May '98. Joel was there from Jan '97- Dec '98. I asked him and he does remember you guys a bit. Small world eh? God bless!!

In Christ,

Kari said...

Hey Hanne!!
Your was so fun to catch up a bit on your lives! Thank you SO much for your prayers on our behalf...we are seeing God at work through His people's prayers! You will be an AWESOME kindergarten teacher...for real! :) Better you than me, I keep wondering how Alex's teacher will make it through the year! God bless and we look forward to keeping in touch as well!!

Leslie Corenchuc said...

Hello dear friend, I continue thinking and praying for you all. Praise the Lord that the procedure went well! I love keeping updated through this blog thing! I went through the kindergarten send off just this past week, so I will be in earnest prayer for your sweet mother heart! :) Te amo, amiga!! Leslie

Kari said...
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Kari said...

Hi LES!!! :)
Yes, dear friend, it's been too long...forgive me for not writing sooner!! Thank you for checking in and for all your prayers for us! We appreciate it sooo much!! So you sent Derek off did you? Oh dear...we're in the same boat. I'll let you know how it goes. :-) How is little Karis doing? Let's chat on MSN soon!
Te amo, Amiga!!

Life full of blessings said...

HI Schmidts...
PRAISE the Lord, good Dr. reports are so fun to share and a wonderful time to give GLORY to God and His power, just as you did in your post...I have enjoyed seeing God work in and through have been an encouragement of trusing in our GREAT GOd....still praying for your sweet Chloe! She is just precious!!!
Liz Borbe

Kari said...

Thanks Liz!!
I so appreciate your notes...praying for you today as you head out to the Drs appt! Thank you for being a clear picture of God unconditional love and care for us, His kids. You are a perfect examply of how He works in us and through us for His glory, whether we have BIG faith or SMALL...HE IS FAITHFUL!!!
Love to you friend,

Phyllis said...

Ah! Now, on this new computer, I can see your family photo and I do recognize Joel. It's definitely a small world! I knew some of the names in your links and a few of the other people who have commented here, too. :-)

(Hi, Hanne!)

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