August 30, 2006

Alex's "gradual entrance" to Kindergarten!

Monday was Alex's introduction to Kindergarten. They had half his class come in the morning and then Alex's half was in the afternoon. It was only for two hours and I drove him and stayed with him...but it was VERY EXCITING!! :) We really like his teacher, Mrs. Kim Privett...she has been teaching for a while and has a kindergartener herself. So below are the first pictures of his 1st time at school. :-)

You can't see it but Alex is very proud of his Superman backpack!

Ah, so hard to "let go"...

My growing up little man...what a sweetie! :)


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, Kar, our babies are going to Kindergarten! Thanks for making me thankful to be homeschooling. :) -Dina

Kari said...

Hey girl!!!
Thanks for stopping by...I have to tell you that your notes have meant SO much to me, one of them totally made me cry (that's a good thing!) :-)!!! I love you too...I know we're old, friend. I hear ya about homeschooling, glad you're able to do that. How are y'all doing in your new home? Pray all is well. I'll write more later.
Love you, Dina...

Melissa Tuttle said...

Hi You!
Dyl was off to Kindergarten this year too! The first few days I had to keep looking in the mirror and say "Am I really old enough to have a Kindergartner?" The picture with Alex reading to Chloe is adorable. I love to watch Dyl and Zoe interact and he has been big into reading and she loves being read to. Congratulations on a doing a great job so far on raising two wonderful children!!!


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