August 20, 2006

Home again from the hospital!

We just want to thank y'all for praying for Chloe and the rest of our "clan" this past week! After a week in the hospital, surgery, screaming baby roomates, a blown IV, a goofball intern, conscious sedation, bandange changes, and hand painting...WE'RE HOME!! :-)
Chloe's surgery on Monday was a success, PTL!! The Drs were able to take a small patch of skin from Chloe's upper left thigh and graft it to her left leg. Surgery lasted about 3 was a very very long wait for Joel and I. I'd have to admit that being back there for another surgery was extremely difficult for all of us. Waves of memories flooded our minds as we sat there was a battle to keep our minds focused on praying for Chloe and looking to the Father for strength and wisdom for all that lay ahead of us.
The Drs were very pleased with how well Chloe did and the graft was accepted by 95%, which is a good skin graft! They wrapped her leg with a thin sponge and then overtop was something like cling wrap attached to a little vacuum. This kept any drainage off the leg and the Drs didn't have to mess with her for several days (a VERY good thing!). When she came out of surgery, they moved her to the regular floor where she shared a room with three other children/babies. She was pretty uncomfortable until they gave her some pain medication. I didn't think my heart could take anymore of watching Chloe cry or be in pain. I just cried out to God to help her and ease her pain. Minutes later she was asleep...THANK YOU for praying!!
This visit was a much better visit, in that Chloe really "bounced back" quickly! After one day in bed, she was up and moving around and playing in the playroom. Her spirits were really upbeat and that was so good for us to see. Several nurses remembered her and came in to say hi! There was also a girl named, Mary, who is the Child Life Counselor there. She and Chloe really hit it off the first time and it was so good for Chloe to see her again!
So we're back to changing her bandage once a day. Next Thursday, the 24th, she has a follow up appointment with the Dr. If you think of Chloe, pray that the skin graft heals quickly! Once her leg is healed completely we can begin to work with a Prosthetist to make a new "Chloe ankle and foot". We have met with a guy already from a place down towards Baltimore who does prosthetics and who is also a physical therapist (which is a really good mix of both areas). A woman (sister of a guy who goes to our church) who lives near us has contacted us and has been through the same situation with her son. She's been a real encouragement...they went through this guy and really love him, so he comes highly recommended. The only "hitch" would be if the Medical Assistance insurance that Chloe is on won't pay for the prosthesis. So that is another prayer request...I'll be calling them this week and asking those questions. We have another option of going to the Shriners Hospital in Philadelpia, PA where they don't charge for anything. We'll see and keep y'all posted!
That's it for today...we just can't thank you enough for your love, prayers, and care for us. We have truly been ministered to by the Body of Christ...through many of you His hands served us, His arms hugged us, His feet walked alongside us, His mouth spoke words of love and encouragement, His heart loved us, His faithfulness provided for us and His ears listened to our hearts. We love you and thank the Lord for the special bond we have with the friends and family who surround us!! May God bless you above and beyond what you can imagine!
Keep checking back for updates! :-)


Life full of blessings said...

HI Schmidts!
We Praise God for the good surgery report!! Know that we have been praying for you and holding up. I KNOW the power of prayer from experience with our little guy Ezra. The family of God is a wonderful GOD planned way for all of His children to be there for one another and stay connected!
Chloe is just beautiful and looks like just a ball of complete JOY :) She is very blessed to have a mommy and daddy such as you two. Alex is so big now :) he looks like a great big brother! They are both, as you wrote, on LOAN and treasures from above! I could not agree with you more! I also agree about taking time to have FUN with our gifts and let the laundry stay.... :)
God is so good!
We praise HIM for all He is doing in and through you all!
Liz for the Borbe Bunch

Oregon Criss's said...


We're so pleased to hear the surgery went so well. I'm always amazed at how the Lord has grafted us together thru Him- even now, so that we feel your heart and all its emotions. Praise the Lord for his gracious gift of understanding and love that he has passed on to his children.
Your little Chloe has the joy of the Lord written all over her adorable little face. Such a delight to look at! We continue to pray and be excited about how much the Lord is revealing to those you are around. A servant is someone who submits with a heart of trust and faith in that God's will is always in mans' best interest.
Happy new week and new 'firsts'!

Anonymous said...

It fills our hearts with such joy knowing how well my Chloe-girl is doing. This truly has not slowed her down at all. We are blessed to be able to see her nearly every day and to get kisses and hugs from Chloe. Seeing her smile warms my heart and is such an answer to prayer. WE LOVE YOU Wo-wie!!
ReRe and Uncle Mike

Kari said...

Hi Liz!!
Thanks for your note...every time I hear from you I am so encouraged!! Thank you for taking the time to write and pray for us. I know you guys have been through the gaunlet of emotions with little Ezra...seeing your faith and hope are such spirit lifters to us! Chloe is a ball of JOY...she lights up a room and I know that is just how God has made her. We pray that the Lord continues to do His "wonder working" in your lives as well...keep on walking!
Lots of love,

Kari said...

Hey Debi!!
You are so right...I have been so blown away by the Body of Christ functioning together for the glory of God! We are all interconnected in the Spirit, no one else on earth can experience that. When one of us laughs, we laugh with them...when one cries, we cry. THANK YOU so much for lifting us up to the Father, how we need those prayers and depend on them! We pray too that our God continues to provide for y'all and continues to knit your family together in Him!
Love in Christ,

Kari said...

We love you too, ReRe and Uncle Mike!!! Sooo happy we're in the same state again and that we can love on ya anytime we want!!

We are truly blessed!!

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