June 08, 2006

Malolo...a place of peace and rest

Timmy with Chloe...swimming, one of the kids favorite things to do in Madang! We were so blessed to be able to swim at the pools provided we bought a meal. We loved to go to Malolo with Timmy and Karen...it was so nice to escape the busyness of life and just relax with friends! Malolo was way up the coast away from town and right on the coastline. It was breathtaking to look out over the vast ocean and just think about how big our God is. We did this often, especially as our time in Madang drew to a close. This was a much needed place of peace for us!

Here we are...with our PNG suntans and all, having the time of our lives!!

Me and Karen...good friends like her come once in a while, you grab onto them when God brings them along! :)

Alex in his element...learning to swim without a life jacket!

Joel and Timmy clowning around...their favorite thing to do! :)

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