June 08, 2006

Rao Survey, Oct '05

This is Nick, a guy who lived in a village beside the base...he is from Rao, and went along with the guys on the survey to help translate and be their guide. He was an awesome help!

Dave Wall on the left (Madang chairman) with Phil Jansma, Timmy Moonsammy and Joel in front of their packed truck. Ready to head a few hours up the road to "base camp" then they took a boat interior to Rao. They were gone just a week but it was a great time for them! The people's response to the guys was open and and desiring them to come back in to work among them.

We missed Joel alot but it was the most exciting time of our life in Madang! It was thrilling to think that Rao might be the place we were going to work in.

Joel packed and ready to go...and sweatin already! :)

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