June 09, 2006

Goodbye to Lawrence and Lucy

Lawrence and Lucy were our very dear friends from a village down the road, called Rivo. This couple took us in as their family, taught us their language and accepted us as one of their own. We would visit them 3 times a week and they never ceased to amaze us with their generosity and loving hearts. It broke our hearts to leave them, it was one of the hardest things we've ever had to do in explaining to them why we were leaving. They wanted us to live in Rivo and learn their tribal language and give them the Bible in Bel tok ples. We miss them with all our hearts and hope to one day see them again.

Lawrence and Lucy have 4 children--Madud, Wensis, Alice and Julianna.

When we left we gave them all that we could...which was way more than they had ever had! It was our priviledge to know and love them.

They loved to laugh...their whole culture and way of life revolve around sitting together and telling stories and laughing. That is one thing we really miss about PNG...they took time to sit and visit with each other, they weren't in a hurry to go and do the next thing on their list.

Oh, and they LOVED Alex and Chloe...our 2 were the "stars of the show" in their eyes!

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