June 09, 2006

Favorite Rivo memories!

This is Ada (in white) with Lucy, they are watching over the "mumu" food. These guys were always cooking for us, it was their party time! They would build a fire, heat a bunch of stones and then pile the food on top and cover it and let it steam/cook. Oh, man it was good eatin'...they would cook kau kau (sweet potato), greens, onion, taro. And we would bring the rice, they loved rice but could never afford to buy it so it was their treat. Our friends would find any reason at all to have a mumu! :) We learned that it took several hours to prepare the food but that was the visiting time and such a vital aspect of their culture.

This is Lawrence and Lucy's son, Wensis. He was being a comedian this time, wearing a girl's skirt! :)

The kids are playing like a jump rope game, except the way they play is MUCH harder than the American version. Alex and Chloe are trying to get in on the action. :)

Me just sitting and "storying" with Lucy, I loved all our many talks!

Cutting up food...they only had one good knife in the family and had to borrow another one from someone else. Do you know how hard it is to peel a sweet potato with a dull knife??

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