May 02, 2006

August 16, 2004...leaving home

Me, Chloe, Alex, Erinn (my sis) and Joel waiting to board our airplane at BWI airport. Talk about a heart wrenching day for us all.

Us with Mom and Dad McAndrew (Paul and Linda).

This day was by far one of the hardest days of my life. It took everything within me to give my family a hug and walk away from them, knowing it might be years before I saw them again. We were on our way from Maryland to Oregon to visit Joel's relatives and then fly on to Madang, Papua New Guinea. Ugh! More tears were shed than I care to remember...of course, I think it was the hardest for the grandparents and aunt to say goodbye to our little ones! We are so thankful that our kids were little and they were spared alot of the emotion of that difficult day.

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