May 02, 2006

Side trip to Sydney! August 2004

The Sydney Opera House from the ferry...beautiful!!

Joel and Alex take a relaxing ride on the ferry across the bay to the zoo.

Self portrait of Joel and I to prove we were in SYDNEY!! (at the zoo)

Alex and Chloe get to cuddle with a koala bear at the Syndey Zoo.

Which one is the 'monkey'?!! :)

On our way from Maryland, via Oregon, to Madang...we had a stopover in Sydney, Australia for 3 days. NTM recommends that missionaries do this to help with jetlag when traveling to the other side of the world! :) And it worked! We were able to visit a few tourist attractions while in Sydney but we also slept a TON at our hotel. When we arrived in Madang, it didn't take us long to adjust to the 15 hour ahead time change from the East Coast.

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