May 01, 2006

Packing and shipping our belongings (July 2004)

Joel's mom and dad helped us (while they were visiting us from Canada) pack some of our belongings into these totes. We called the totes, coffins! :)

It was a family effort to get our packed belongings into those trucks!

Joel and I served with New Tribes Mission in Madang, Papua New Guinea for 1 1/2 years. Our ministry was church planting among remote tribal people. We left for Madang in August 2004 and came back home in December 2005.

A month or so before we left for Madang, we had to pack up all our belongings for several years...put it all into totes and drive it down to a shipping company who would then take to Friends in Action in Missouri. There in MO, they would build plywood crates and pack our totes into them and ship it all to CA and then on to Madang. Once we packed our things in July, we wouldn't see them until the January the next year. (it was a looong boat ride!) But when the container arrived, it was like the best Christmas ever!! :)

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