February 22, 2010

100th Day

I just love the little elementary school my cherubs go to...they are always doing some fun celebration day for the kids to enjoy! This past week they celebrated the 100th Day of School, a little delayed by the snow but regardless they celebrated! It's always fun to try to figure out a creative project to take in for this day, we had alot of fun with Chloe's this year. Our little cockapoo, Quincey, is Chloe's best bud so it was very fitting to do a project surrounding Q. A sweet mom sent me these picts and I was thrilled...aren't they soo adorable?!

Chloe's shirt featured Quincey and 100 paw prints! :D


Garden Girl said...

TOO CUTE! A great idea. Lots of color!

TheRagan3 said...

the shirt is adorable! Great idea!

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