April 29, 2009

American Idol top 5

It was a pretty sweet selection this week in my opinion. The contestants chose songs from the Rat Pack era. I was lovin' it...soo stinkin' much better than disco night for sure!! :) Here we go...

Kris Allen ~ The Way You Look Tonight - I heart this song. I do. Ever seen the movie Father of the Bride? *sigh* One of my all time favs! Ok. I adored Kris' rendition of this song! I loved the tempo change up midpoint, the nice jazzy feel to it. Classy. Perfect vocals. Wow! But why in the world is the guy walking around with the mic stand??

Alison Iraheta ~ Someone to Watch Over Me - Much much better in the dress selection tonite. She looked beautiful and btw: a very Happy 17th Birthday to her! Oh, to be young again. Ahem. Wow, in my very humble opinion this performance was her all time BEST of the season. The smokey vocals were dead on, no screaming...just pure. I really liked the slowed down version of this song. She really made it contemporary and enjoyable! Nice.

Matt Giraud ~ My Funny Valentine - Ugh. I totally hate this song. Ugh. Ugh. Ok, why does it remind me of Constantine, season something or 'nother? Didn't he sing this song. I think that's why it gives me the creeps. Sheesh. This sounded weird to me tonite. Like he was off key or off beat or just off. Not good. I think he's gone this week. Wait....I'm late. I watched the results. Yeah, he IS gone. Good run, Matt!

Danny my boy Gokey ~ Come Rain or Come Shine - Seriously, I'm totally downloading this song....and getting my SIGNED picture!!!!! :D Uh, sah-lammin suit y'all. What up?! He has never looked better, wow! Off the hook vocals, gave me the shivers and a big ol smile up on my face. He was smooth and looked like a pro up there. Star performance. I would have voted a million times for him but I wasn't home. Shoo, he's safe. SWEET.

Adam Lambert ~ Feeling Good - I love this song, esp the way Michael Buble sings it. Why is Adam always last? Hmm. Seems a little slanted. The boy sure knows how to make an entrance. Anyways, I typically like his performances but I just wasn't crazy about this one. It seemed super indulgent and there's no way I would even download this one. Eh. I bet it gave him a good helping of humble pie to be in the BOTTOM TWO! ;)


Shelly said...

I don't know why Adam seems to last so much. Good question. I like Adam! Last nite he was kinda funny though b/c at the end the light turned red and he gave this look that with his black eye liner made him look devilish. I think you either love him or you don't. I love it when his voice rocks. Last night's theme wasn't really my thing, so it wasn't my favorite performance of his.

Debbie said...

I'm so glad you posted on this. I looked for your post yesterday and hoped you would put one up. I'm counting on you. Lol.

I thought Kris did a great job. He really can sing. Alison also did a good job with her song. Although I certainly like Matt, I knew he'd be the one to go home. Danny is my favorite of all. He sang his heart out and I loved him. Of course, I voted many times for him. Adam was also very good but I agree with you. He needed to be humbled a bit. He'll probably win but ...we'll see. My husband thinks Adam is the best but I still really like Danny.

The Gang's Momma said...

Missed the whole kit and caboodle this week. I just canNOT get myself togther that early in the evening lately. Soccer, late trains, spring cleaning. Ugh.

But I still crank my DC tunes, almost daily. IN fact, I brought the cd to the car and that's all I have playing lately. Love that cd. Love it.

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

I agree 100% with you. I finally caught up to Idol (we were so behind because of moving!!!)...so now I can join in and read your posts LOL!

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