March 25, 2009

American Idol Top 10

It was Motown week in American Idolville and we had ourselves a competition, y'all. Smokey Robinson was the contestants mentor, what a sweetheart he was! Since I kinda grew up on the oldies, I was lovin' it tonite. Here we go...

Matt Giraud — Let’s Get It On: Whew!! This was a hot one tonite...Matt looked like a star up there. I loved his piano intro and then his move to the stage, he worked it out baby. What a fab performance, so current...I would buy this off iTunes for sure! Suh-weet mercy. VOTED.

Kris Allen — How Sweet It Is: What a great Michael Buble feel to Kris' performance tonite. I liked the jazzy feel to his voice. It was fun and enjoyable to listen to, he makes it look so natural. The personal spin he put to it was niiiice.

Scott MacIntyre — You Can’t Hurry Love: Oh, what can I say? This guy is like a rare gem these days. Scott is a sweet and gentle guy with a wonderful smile, you can't help but smile back. I'm not too sure what the stylists were thinking with the pink pants but he did say they only told him about them 10 min before the show, that's just mean. I did enjoy the more upbeat performance from him, good energy but agreed with the judges that it was just ok. I so want this guy to just blow us out of the water!

Megan Joy Corkrey — For Once In My Life: She is just stinkin' beautiful, cute dress and lovely hair tonite. But uck, her performance was just off, flat and off beat/key. It was rough and just not good. Poor girl. I don't know what happened, the song just wasn't a good choice for blending with her unusual voice.

Anoop Desai — Ooooh, Baby Baby: What an enigma. Nice vocals, though the performance was pretty similar to the original. Love the song but it was like too slow or something. I wasn't feeling it. A tad bit boring?

Michael Sarver — Ain’t Too Proud To Beg: Hmm, great guy here but this performance really fell flat. It def had a karaoke ora about it unfortunately. I just can't see this guy selling out concerts in the future. It was just average for me.

Lil Rounds — Heat Wave: She looked just lovely tonite, was that her real hair?? Cute dress. Ok, the girl can sang we've established that. This song was a little too loud, too heavy for me. Almost like I got blasted out the water from start to end. There wasn't any room for her to show off that great multi-faceted voice of hers. It was just power through the whole thing then take a deep breath at the end. It was eh for me tonite. I still love her.

Adam Lambert — Tracks of My Tears: Um, hello somebody call the LAVA POLICE cause this guy was HOT HOT HOT tonite! Wow, off the hook i.n.c.r.e.d.i.b.l.e. I love the no-makeup-no-nail-polish-no-hairinface look...hey, who knew? There's a cute guy under all that!! I loved the halla to Elvis, slammin' suit man. This was totally contemporary, I would def download this one off iTunes. Sweet falsetto, sweet spin to it...I got CHILLS y'all, chills. VOTED.

Danny Gokey — Get Ready: I love this guy. This was a super fun performance. Danny has such a great personality, you just wanna squeeze him! It was not his best performance tonite however. There was no moment in the song when you were like...aahh, nice. Kinda a not great choice for him but I am behind this guy 100%. VOTED.

Allison Iraheta — Papa Was A Rolling Stone: Baby hit this one outtathepark tonite! Wow, perfectly suited song for her amazing voice. This was one of my fav Allison performances! Niiice. VOTED.

Ok, so my FAV. performances were Matt and Adam.

I'm thinking that prob. going home will be either Michael or Scott.

What did y'all think??


Debbie said...

I couldn't wait to read your take on last night's show. And this time I watched it in real time. And believe it or not ...I fully agree with you. I thought Allison did such a great job last night. I can't believe she's only 16 years old. She truly has a God given gift.

I love Danny Gokey! I want him to do well. Adam was very good and I thought he looked so cute in a more conservative way. I must be old fashioned but I like clean cut guys. He definitely has talent no matter how he looks though.

I felt bad for Megan. It just wasn't a good song choice. She's so unique and is really very beautiful.

I have a feeling either Megan, Michael or Anoop will go.

BTW, my hubby and I are sounding more and more like Randy. We say things like "it was kind of pitchy". LOL

Sherri's Southern Style said...

Hey! Great Post. Agree with you for the most part. I think Megan or Michael go tonight. Don't really care which one.

jerriann said...

Hi there, girl I love your phrasing, you are an entertaining writer. I think it's pretty obvious whose on the bottom. Michael, Scott and Megan, I hope Scott goes home, but I think it will be Michael.

My favs are Matt, Kris and Danny. Lil was an early favorite but I haven't liked her last three performances so I don't know what's up with her. and Allison is really good, but maybe needs a little more maturing. And Adam, lets see what can I say about him...majorly talented, a little weird for me, but beautiful voice.

homemakerchronicles said...

I just passed by your blog tonight while surfing...I had to stop and read a bit. I'm lovin' your take on the Idols!
Allison was great huh? I have to say, Kris is awesome (he's from my hometown too, so that's incentive), but I don't follow regularly- I had to search on You Tube to hear these.
Do you do this every week? If so, consider me a returner- if there is such a thing!
Great blog BTW!!!

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