December 13, 2008

In God we trust!

MSNBC is actually taking a vote on whether we should or should not remove the inscription "In God We Trust" from our American money.  If you're interested in voting in this unofficial vote and seeing the results, click here.  It's really a sad day to me, to know that Americans actually want to remove this statement.  They clearly have no clue what our 'world' would be like had God not blessed this nation.


Mommy Cracked said...

Glad to see the "no's" are winning! I cast my vote and I agree with is very sad.

Elisabeth Nixon Photography said...

Hi Keri:) can you email me? i can't get to a place on this laptop where I can find your address and the contact section won't work but I have a question for ya :) THank you so much!!

Elisabeth :)

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