November 13, 2008

I'm Held

"I’d be happy to tell you the story behind “held”. it was written by christa wells. she had some of her closest friends lose a child. when their baby son was just two months old, he took his last breath. then another dear friend of christa’s lost her husband to cancer. this song is christa’s answer to “why to bad things happen to good people?” there really isn’t an answer, except that Jesus promised when everything fell, we will be held. hardships happen. pain happens. it’s just a part of life on earth. but thanks to christa, we are reminded that we have a promise from our Savior that we will never be forsaken, forgotten, or alone."

I've been thinking...worrying...praying over stuff.  I heard this song and it keeps coming back to my mind.  It's so fitting for where I am right now.  Hope it encourages your heart too, today!

1 comment:

Alder Stream said...

This song is a fav of mine and that phrase "when everything fell we'd be held" is one I've been hanging on to as well.

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