August 21, 2008

Ped Tales

I've had so many fun and interesting experiences as a Medical Assistant in a Pediatric Doctor's office.  The whole work world thing is different for me since I've been a SAHM for...well, for a long time now and I have loved every minute of it!  So, in this wonderful new job I have, I thought it might be kinda sorta a hoot to share some of the funny stories from my job every once in a entitling them "Ped Tales".  :)  Ahem.

Recently in The Office, we have begun to do urine tests on all kids 6 years old and older.  This makes for me seeing A.L.O.T. o'blessed pee pee.  Hmm, nice.  

The other day, the receptionist told the next patient's mom that he would have to pee in a cup.  She said "ok".  To which the patient's brother replied..."If he drinks that, I am SO out of here!!!"  :D


Garden Girl said...

I just can't wait to hear all your stories! Great start!
Love you!

Sharon said...

Too funny! I'll bet you'll end up with lots of funnies to share with us! Oh, by the way -- I just realized (blushing....) that I was tagged a long time ago by you. I'm still a rookie at this blogging stuff! Do you still want me to do it?! (sorry!) Hugs from Kansas

GoteeMan said...

oh, man... I wouldn't have been able to hold a straight face on that one...


TheRagan3 said...

I'd be SO OUTTA there too!!

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