June 04, 2008


Ok, y'all...for those of you fortunate to be already enjoying the summer (ahem, mine is STILL in school) Shannon's WFMW today is on "great ideas to keep your kiddos occupado without losing your mind"!  :)  Now don't that sound like something all of us Moms could use some tips on?  Yes'um it sure does!  

Here we go then ~

Without further ado, these are my rip-roaring creative thoughts on preventing boredom this summer.
  • Get yourself one of those handydandy blowup pools for your backyard if you don't have a pool already. or if you're rich, just get a ginormous waterslide.  Entertainment for hours I promise!
  • Go fruit pickin' at one of your local farms...try to keep the kiddos from eating all the produce before you buy it.  :)
  • Google search for all the 'free stuff' to do in your area.
  • Visit relatives...this is great, everyone wins!
  • Get a Summer Bridge Activities Book for your school age kids, either online or at your local educational store.
  • Check out streams, parks, lakes nearby...explore and take your picnic lunch with you (don't forget your camera)!
  • Make a list of all your combined ideas of what you each want to do over the summer...start checking them off!

Ok, well I've got 7 more days of school for my kiddo til I can start trying these out!!


Sharon said...

OK, OK, you left out "play Iron Chef" and "watch for the ice cream truck" -- like in OUR all-encompassing list -- but a good list nonetheless! :-) How's the new job going?!

Anonymous said...

Lots of great ideas for summertime fun I will have to try these out.
My kids were out of school last Thursday. found your blog on Mom Bloggers.

Anonymous said...

I enojoyed finding your blog.
I agree get out and enjoy summer although in the southwest it gets a little too warm sometimes but we try :)

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