June 28, 2008

Time to Write (bump)

Our family has recently begun sponsoring a sweet little boy, Syrus through Compassion International. Syrus lives in Uganda and we have received 2 letters from him already...we are so blessed to be a small part of his life! We are BIG TIME fans of Compassion and believe wholeheartedly in the work they do in Jesus' name throughout the world.

Compassion has sooo many awesome resources and ways to be a part of helping children in need. You can donate online for your regular support or for Christmas or for your sponsor child's birthday...in April it was Syrus' birthday so we were able to send an extra gift to celebrate his birthday! Since it's not possible to send packages, online donating makes it easy for everyone to make sure that your child has a very special celebration!

Another super cool thing is that you can write your sponsor child online...hello? Could they make it any easier for us?! So I'm thinking, you know I should make it a point to write Syrus once a week to let him know we love him and are praying for him. What better way then to do a reminder post each week on here...maybe you could use a reminder too? It's TIME TO WRITE your child today!!

Or if you are not sponsoring a child yet...maybe this might just prompt you to pray and consider if God would have you become a part of a child's life through Compassion by reading my posts??! :D Whaddya think? Ready to be a sponsor YET?!! Get on over there and see those precious children...

let's think about something simple like our plentiful supply of food,
and imagine a child without food. period?

Little is Much.
It takes so little...

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old dog said...

We too are Compassion Supporters. We love our Maria from Honduras. We speak at our church every Compassion Sunday in April and have seen about 50 children sponsored in this way. It really is such a convenient and easy way for us to share the love of Christ with a child. Love can be spelled many ways but the best is Compassion.

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