June 27, 2008

Three Cheers for CAMP!!

First day of CAMP...the excitement was at an all time peak!
I had to work unfortunately but my wonderful sis stepped in and was happy to take them.  
The kiddos were thrilled!!  :)

Chloe chilling on her bench

Miss Tara...our sweet friend from church and Chloe's counselor.
How weird is it that I babysat Tara when she was little??

Sweet girls in a row...

Then MOMMA got to take them...I was almost as excited as they were!!

Alex really liked his camp counselors...they told us, "He runs all the time". 
We said, "We KNOW!"

Boy heaven...

I just adore these 2 picts...the smile on Chloe's face speaks a thousand words!

Last day of camp...they were soo tired but happy!
My wonderful Mom got the cherubs camp t-shirts...aren't they cute?!

End of camp...

Chloe the painted kitty


My little man...not so little anymore!

So awesome that my relatives would send the kiddos to camp this year...
THANK YOU Pap and A. Hazel!!!  We love you!


Jaci Spain said...

Great pictures! That's awesome that they were able to go to camp!

Jen said...

Looks like a fun time!! Our camp just finished today and the little show they put on was so sweet. Of course, I forgot my camera. :(

Genny said...

What fun memories for them. My own kids had camp a week ago. They loved it!

That picture on the top of your blog makes me want to go to Maui!

Jenna said...

Wow, it looks like the kids had a wonderful time! Both of your children seem to carefree and happy!

McMommy said...

Those sure are some HAPPY SMILING FACES!!

I love your blog design...it's FANTASTIC!

happy pow!

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