April 10, 2008

*Sniff Sniff*

Can I just say that I have like the BEST SISTER ever??!! Seriously, I knew it before but after what she just did for me...I am totally blown away. She's done some pretty awesome things for me in my lifetime but this one is pretty sweet!! AND she made me cry (which btw, I think is her mission in life...like if she made me cry then it was a successful gift!!) :D

If you want to, click over and be inspired by what my sister did for me (maybe you'll want to do the same for your loved one?!)...then go over to my sister's blog and tell her what a FANTASTIC sister she is!!! :) Funny thing is, she said such wonderful things about me but I feel the same way about her! She inspires me...that's why she is listed in my HERO LIST!! I love you, Rin...you are the BEST sister and friend a girl could wish for and DEFINITELY a good woman!!! I am so thankful that God gave me you!! xoxox


Mel said...

I've never wanted a sis but reading your blogs and how you talk about each other makes me feel like I missed out on something. I did read about you on the website...awww!!!

theragan3 said...

Aww, shucks! You are too much my friend! What would I do without you?? Not laugh as much, not cry as much and not love as much for sure!
You are #1 in my book and always will be...
You da bestest!

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