April 21, 2008

March of Dimes 2008

This past Sunday, my sister and I walked in the March of Dimes for the 3rd year. Ever since my twin nephews were born, we've done this together. I have to say that I look forward to this time with my sister and nephew every year. It is truly amazing to be part of something that is bigger than just you and what you've been through. We walked with hundreds of other young adults, teens, children, and couples and it hit me that we were all there because we had been touched personally or through someone close to us by the precious birth of a premature baby.

This year I had tears in my eyes yet again as I thought of my heroes...my sister, Erinn and my nephew, Abraham. They are fighters and survivors and I am so inspired every time I think of them and the path they have walked. My eyes filled up again as I remembered the nephew I never got to meet, never got to hold and never got to lay eyes on...I remember Moses and the sweetness of his short and precious life...I remember him and the brief time we were blessed to have him in our family but I ache for the little boy I'll never know on this earth. You might say, that's not fair...well, you're right. It's not fair, however I believe in a God who is all-loving and all-wise and who is RIGHT.THIS.MINUTE. loving on Moses more than we ever could! And I know that one day we will be together with our Moses and we will be able to love on him to our heart's content. For that day we wait, we remember and we love...

Me and 'Bubba' getting ready to roll!

Cruising right along...the Lord held off a BIG thunderstorm for us to walk in beautiful weather!

Checking out the hammer game...Erinn trying to stay OUT of his way!!

The end of our 5 mile HIKE!! :)

My sister outdoes herself every year with a poster for our walk...
this year a new face was on the poster, Gwyneth Rose~
(click on her little button on my sidebar for her amazing story!)

Abraham Connor and Moses Mackay were born at 28 weeks
Gwyneth Rose was born at 24 weeks


theragan3 said...

You are too much sister of mine! Thanks for the post. I love you too!

Alder Stream said...

My little brother Noah was born at 30 weeks. He is 10 now and thriving. The day he born I was 24 weeks pregnant with Acadia. She kicked inside me all day long, she was so excited for her little buddy's birthday! We were so scared, but God miraculously spared his life. I've been thinking back on that time and how good God is to these little babies; the ones he cradles in his arms, and the ones he lets us hold. He gives us the grace to trust him to decide.

MilePost13 said...

Thank you!

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