April 22, 2008

AI ~ top 6

~ The Music of Andrew Lloyd Webber~

Syesha Mercado ~ "One Rock & Roll Too Many" - I was thinking, "is that girl on TOP of the piano?? Merciful Heavens!" Ok, never heard of this song in my life but she looked amazing tonite! She did a great job with this and I totally agree with the judges that this Broadway/Theater is her niche.

Jason Castro ~ "Memories" - Ok, not too impressed tonite with this performance. I think it may be his turn to go. Sorry!

Brooke White ~ "You Must Love Me" - First, LOVED the dress...she looked wonderful! There was the little 'oops' in the beginning, I don't know what the right choice is to make whether to continue or stop. Seems like her nerves are just getting the better of her each night, I am not sure whether she would make it as the American Idol right now. That said, I think she is totally believable, real, and genuine...you just can't help but smile when she's on stage. Her emotion in the song was raw and this was a very tough song to sing. I still love her but I'm a little worried for her. VOTED. okay it was a bit of a sympathy vote.

David Archuletta ~ "Think of Me" - WOW!! LOVE this song in the Phantom and LOVED the arrangement he sang of it tonite! I thought it was one of his better performances. *Simon, WHAAAAT are you smokin'??*

Carly Smithson ~ "Superstar" - Uh....hmmmm....eh....'nuf said.

David Cook ~ "Music of the Night" - LOVE.LOVE.LOVE. this song!! Can I just say humina.humina.humina?? Whew, that was "LAVA.HOT"! Somebody call the Fire Department...David is ON.FIRE. I thought it was actually a nice change up for him tonite, really showed his multifaceted talent! VOTED.VOTED.VOTED. :D

BEST of the NIGHT:
is there any doubt?

if you ain't voting for him yet...then you better start!! He's my pick to win it...


Pajama Mama said...

Yikes!! I've been so busy reading everyone else's reviews that I FORGOT TO VOTE!!!!

David C was my fave too...so now, I must go vote for him.


theragan3 said...

I was waiting to hear your take on tonight to see if we agreed - on most we did. I liked Carly tonight and thought tht Syeshia was great as well... but my all time favorite was David Cook for sure. I pick him to win as well. Tomorrow night see if he reminds you of JD... I see David and see JD! Am I smoking something or what??
Love ya!

Jen said...

I gave a sympathy vote (make that 10) to Jason. Old habits die hard and although he didn't do as well tonight, I am hoping that he makes it another week. I'm slowly warming up to David C. He wasn't my favorite, but after last week's song (Mariah), I'm a fan.

Cindy Swanson said...

You are so right about David Cook...he continues to impress me more and more. He did an AMAZING job on "Music of the Night"! I love Jason and Brooke dearly, but I think one of them is going home tonight. :(

Tammy said...

David Cook has my vote too! I thinks it's gonna be the David's down to the wire!

Sarah said...

I Totally agree!!!! This guy is fantastic!

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