February 26, 2008

Why I love him...

When Joel and I first got married, we lived in this little 1 bedroom apartment in a not so great town. But we didn't care because we were newlyweds and in love and so happy! We decided that the apartment needed some "life"...so we went out and bought three little plants. We bought an ivy plant and 2 palm trees. These plants grew with us our first year of marriage and traveled with us to Canada when we went to school and then on to Missouri with us. The ivy plant didn't agree with Missouri and it died there. But the palm trees did great and they came back to Maryland with us!

When we left for PNG, I left them home and my mom took care of them. So this past summer and fall I put them outside to get "fresh air" but didn't bring them in soon enough and the frost got them. The one palm bounced back but the other one didn't. It's funny, they are JUST plants but I was really sad about it. They have grown with us for 8 1/2 years...and I've just loved watching them grow!

When Valentine's Day rolled around, Joel was sick and we really didn't get to celebrate it. So when I came home one night from Awanas and Joel said he got me something, I was pretty surprised. :) When I looked over in the corner of our room...there were THREE newly potted palm trees just like the one that I killed!! :D And Joel said that he found a NEW shoot on the "dead" plant...maybe it's not dead after all?? I was so touched that Joel not only remembered but thoughtfully considered my feelings about something so "small".

This my friends...is Pure Love!


Jaci Spain said...

That is SO precious & sweet! Way to go Joel!!!

theragan3 said...

so cool and sweet! Good Job J-Man!

Peas on Earth said...

Hi Kate! I found your blog through a comment you left on Tracie C's blog. I looked at your blog for a bit, including the story about Chloe. Your faith is amazing and I just wanted to commend you, and praise our Lord for your witness and grace in that. I also wanted to ask you about your time in PNG if you had a chance. God bless!

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