February 27, 2008

Getting hit in between the eyes...

I just read this post by a dear sister in the Lord, Heather. Honestly, it really really really hit home for me...I have been following along with Heather's journey for a while now and she has just been a pure inspiration and encouragement to me! I cannot sum up all that she's been through so please visit her blog and especially this post...if you know me, then you'll know why it was so touching for me to read. May it bless your heart today too! :)

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theragan3 said...

wow! I can totally identify with this pastors thoughts. It is hard to get to that place of realizing that God is in control of it all and to be able to let go of it, even if it means hurting someone you love deeply. I love his insight. Thanks for sharing sis!
love you!

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