February 02, 2008

An update from Dinangat!

(Jeremiah Markley teaching...is this an incredible picture or what??!!) :D

We received this email update today from our dear friends, the Markleys! Exciting things are going on in Dinangat as the people hear God's Word for the first time and the Holy Spirit reveals the TRUTH to their hearts!! :) WOW!! If you take the time to read this, please pray for them...thanks!

Dear Praying Friends,

5 down, 65 to go!

There are a total of 70 lessons in this first phase of teaching, 70 lessons chronologically bringing the hearers from before creation and up through the ascension of Christ, and Lord willing to a place where they will humbly and excitedly be able to say, YES! This is true! God, my Maker has loved me since before time began, and the blood of His Son is the Full payment for my sin!

For now, the foundation is being laid. I can’t tell you what a mind-blowing week it has been for us, and what a privilege it is to be able to witness first hand the God movement that is taking place here! Already, their world view has been challenged, and they see that what they have believed in the past is not consistent with what the Bible teaches. Already, the people are putting two and two together, realizing that what they have been taught is not true. And they are letting go. I have never seen what a real field “white unto harvest” looks like before, but now I can tell you that it is something beautiful beyond words.

The people are truly astounded at the teaching, and in particular, hearing the Word of God read out loud for the first time ever in their own language! When it was time for the first Scripture reading, you could have heard a pin drop. When the passage was done, it was like a gazillion bees buzzing, everyone was talking at once, smiling, shaking their heads, some just put their heads down. Let me quit babbling here, and give you a few quotes we heard this week, I think that will paint the best picture for you:

Heard from different Dinangats this week:
“We always wondered what you were going to teach us. Now we see you are giving us the whole story, from beginning to end, that we never knew!”
“I’m not even working these days. I am just sitting and thinking about all this. We’ve rationed out our food so it can last many days so I don’t have to go to the garden. I can just sit and think about all this big talk.”
“ I used to think that God and all the spirits (angels) were equal in power, now I know that God CREATED the angels!”
- One man said that he thought the sun was God, now he knows that God CREATED the sun, and He was there before the sun.
“I have read bits and pieces of Bibles in the trade language and Kote (another language group), but it didn’t make sense to me, I never knew if what I was thinking was true. Now I am hearing it in my own language, and I KNOW it is true!”
- One of the stories they believed here was that there was a large white snake in the jungle that is the mother of all the tree kangaroos, and other small animals in the bush. After hearing that God created all the different animals in the world, they were asked if their other belief could be true. To which they replied, “No!” One man said, “We believed that because we didn’t know better, but now we hear God’s word and see that what we believed in the past is wrong. What God says is true.”
- Jeremiah was out in the village visiting one night, and on his way home, he came across a group of over 30 people all huddled around the tape player reviewing that days’ lesson. They are listening to the tapes again and again!

Here’s what this weeks lessons will cover:

Monday - God created Adam.
Tuesday - God placed Adam in Eden.
Wednesday - God told Adam not to eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil.
Thursday - God created a wife for Adam.
Friday - Lucifer rebelled against God.

All Glory and Honor Be Unto Him! Please keep praying. We know God is hearing the prayers for this group from all over the world, and we want to keep filling His ears on behalf of their precious souls!

Your hands and feet in PNG,
Jeremiah and April, Jordan, Judah and Alayna

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