January 30, 2008

Dao people evangelize their own!!

**This is an article written on the NTM website about the Dao tribe where my husband's sister and her husband work. They are plowing their way through language learning while their partners have finished the beginning stages of the Chronological teaching. Exciting times!! :) As the Lord brings them to your minds, please pray for continued quickness in the language and wisdom in daily life in the tribe. Sarah recently had to get a wisdom tooth pulled, not exactly a thrill in a foreign country! Pray for quick healing! Thanks so much!! :)

"When we first moved into the Dao [tribe]," wrote missionaries Derek and Sarah Grant, "we had come with the purpose of teaching the Dao people so they, in turn, could fulfill the Great Commission and teach others as well."

"We didn't anticipate this happening so soon."

Many Dao people were recently baptized. "During the baptisms, a lady named Paada stepped up to get baptized," wrote the Grants. "She was not here when we taught the Bible lessons, and as far as we knew, she was not a believer. However, she testified clearly."

The Grants turned to the four men they have been training to be church leaders and asked whether or not they should baptize the woman. The men responded, "Yes! She is a believer. We are the ones who taught her!"

"In all, there are four brand new believers that we didn't even know about until last week," wrote Derek and Sarah. "All of them were reached by God working through the other Dao believers. All four were baptized last week."

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