January 22, 2008

Joel's 30th Bday Getaway!

January 21st Joel turned the big 30!! In celebration of this great event I invited Joel's best friend, Micah and his lovely wife, Kara...to fly up from FL to surprise Joel this past weekend. :) And they DID...true friends are those willing to leave their tropical home and fly to MD where the COLD and SNOW were here to greet them! We had a great time together...a dinner out (thanks guys), a bday party, a night away at a Deep Creek cabin...wonderful memories not soon forgotten! We love you both and were soooo glad you could come...see you SOON!! :D

Before we headed out...the kids really took a liking to Micah and Kara...

Goofballs...I believe someone got slapped on the behind in this one... ;)

Us 4...Micah and Joel have been friends since childhood...who would have thought that they would still be best friends 30 yrs later and not only that but their wives become good friends?! God is good.

Me and Kara...ffrreezzzing our butts off while having fun!!! :)

The cute little Deep Creek Cabin...good times! :)


Garden Girl said...

You all look like you are having such fun! Happy birthday old man. Kari, I love your hair!

Thank God for wonderful parents to watch the kids....

Love you :D

A Box of Chocolates said...

Oh what fun!!! Happy birthday, Joel...so sorry you had to be first!! We will all catch up soon enough though.

theragan3 said...

I want to go there too!! It looks like a ton of fun!
So glad to join in on the party for OLD J-MAN!!
Love ya!

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