July 09, 2007

Alex's 6th Birthday!!

On June 26th, our Alex turned 6 years old!! Yes, my baby is no longer a baby...how did that happen? :) We celebrated with him by going to~yes, Chuck E. Cheese! It was a really fun day because we were joined by Alex's cousins, Abraham, Aislinn and Aibrean (what is UP with the A's, I know!) and his 2 Aunts and Uncle and Mimi and G-dad (grandparents). The kids had a blast playing games and watching the "show"...it's hard to believe that Alex is 6, I remember looking over at his little bassinet in the hospital and thinking, "what in the world am I supposed to DO with him??"...yes, those were "fun" days but wow, I have such sweet memories of my boy. Joel and I are truly blessed blessed parents!! :)

Father and son having fun racing cars...

Yes, a Sponge Bob cake for the boy, don't be offended...I hate spongebob however I thought for his bday, we could make him the cake! :D

Yeah, baby...Money from Grandma and Grandpa!

Traditional bday picture...

Alex, Chloe and Aislinn...big smiles! :)

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Mel said...

Thanks for sharing so much fun!

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