July 09, 2007

5MFM Scanalizer Contest!

Oh yes, it's a BIG one this time y'all! :) 5MFM is having another giveaway contest...it is for The NeatReceipts Scanalizer!! Let me just tell ya, my hubby and I saw this delightful new technology on display at a mall and I thought IMMEDIATELY, "I must have this" (course I didn't have the money to buy one right then)! :)
Oh my goodness~I can think of dozens of ways to use this puppy, this biggest use for me personally would be for scanning receipts (for my budget) and this would be a HUGE help since my ever-growing stack of receipts on my desk is blocking my view of the computer (JK!). It ever automatically crops and rotates the receipts for you! With it's OCR (optical character recognition) software actually searches for and tracks the date, amount, vendor, payment type and sales tax!! As if you could ask for more...the Scanalizer would be an awesome help for personal taxes...organize and keep track of personal documents, etc!
Seriously, ya'll should check it OUT because this is one way technology can really save you some time and aggravation! Here's their link....NeatReceipts Website

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