June 23, 2007

Update on Micah

More updates from Micah's parents...please continue praying for this dear family! Again, http://www.carepages.com (you just need to sign in and look for Micah Mag, for Magnusson) if you would like to post a message for the family. Thanks so much!

June 23, 2007 at 10:06 AM EDT
Micah has been breathing on his own with the treacheostomy mist for 29 hours. His therapy is going well and yesterday he bit the lemon swab so hard it scared the therapist. We told her Micah’s motivation would be FOOD! He is more agitated and seemingly cries. These are all good signs, but difficult for a Mom’s heart. Nobody wants to watch their child suffer.

Dale and I are both learning and passing all our clinical skills with flying colors. Dale said he is taking his boards next week. He is amazing!! He is 100% involved in Micah’s care and doesn’t expect me to do it all. His faith and his actions demonstrate to me true godliness.

When we found out Micah needed brain surgery, we were very aware of the strain this could put on our marriage. We held each others hands in that icy cold room, and we promised each other that we would stay together and would not let this hurt our relationship. We are committed to being committed to each other and all of our children. We appreciated your continued prayer and support.

Micah’s football coach and his wife came up this morning. And it must have been that familiar fearful voice; because Micah opened and closed his eyes and stuck his tongue out a little. He still has that Viking Spirit, and with that it mind, we are praying God’s Holy Spirit to heal Micah completely and bring us all to a new awareness of Jesus’s love for each one of us.

Many of you have asked, "how you may help us?". We appreciate this so much. Efforts are being coordinated through Joni Rainbolt and you may contact her at jjrain8986@hotmail.com


June 22, 2007 at 09:44 AM EDT
“And he (Elijah) said to his servant, “Go up now ,look toward the sea. So he went up and looked and said. There is NOTHING and he said, Go back seven times.

And it came about at the seventh time, that he said, “Behold a cloud as small as a man’s hand is coming up from the sea” 1 Kings 18:43,44

It seems like we have been going “up to the sea and looking and looking” for quite a while and now I think we can say “Behold we see a small cloud coming!”

Last night they moved Micah out of ICU (Thank you Lord). He is now on 7th floor Foster. He has begun moving more and more. He yawned and even reached for the trach tube that irritates him sometimes. This is all new in the past 48 hours. He continues to remain in a coma, but the signs are promising.

I was reflecting on all that God has done for Sherrie and I regarding our fears.

Our first fear was, Will he die… on the way to the hospital? In the operating room? He did not.

Our second fear was, Will he live?…the first night?, the first week? He has.

Our last fear has been..Will he recover fully? We believe he will.

In each of these fears we have had to go “back to the Lord over and over – “seven times””. You will never know how your emails, visits, calls, verses, prayers, cards, acts of compassion have been used of God to give us courage to face our fears head on. The Lord is responding to your prayers for us and Micah. Ps 66:16 says “Come and hear all who fear God and I will tell of what He has done for my soul”

At the end of the 1 Kings18:44 Elijah told Ahab to “prepare your chariot and go down so that the heavy shower does not stop you”.

Preparing for the rain,


June 21, 2007 at 09:30 AM EDT
“Thou art the God who workest wonders, Thou hast made known Thy strength among the peoples.” PS 77:14

Micah just returned from the angiogram minutes ago. The Dr confirmed that it was an AVM and that there is still a small portion of it left in his brain. This was actually pretty good news. First, that it was an AVM as compared to a cavernoma, and secondly that it does not require immediate action as it does not appear to be under undue pressure. It will require future treatment. There are 3 ways they can approach this, one is another surgery, the other is to go through the blood vessels like the angiogram and “glue” it, the third is to treat it with radiation similar to cancer treatment. The Neuro team will be studying the info they have and present us their recommendations in the next day or two.

The really good news is that there is no evidence of stroke. All along they have questioned this possibility on the brain stem. Yesterdays CAT scan revealed decrease swelling and confirmed the area is slowly healing. The healing in the brain is very unpredictable.

Yesterday Micah was up in the chair for six hours, breathing on his own. He also swallowed all afternoon. Stuck his tongue out at the nurse (She asks him too), squeezed with his right hand on command, and continues to gain more movement. All the wonderful staff at Sparrow is pleased with Micah’s progress and they have been wonderful to our whole family. We thank them along with you for praying and supporting us through this very difficult time.

Prayer requests:
1. Wisdom for the Doctors as they treat the dime size AVM.
2. There would be no set backs: pneumonia, blood clots, etc.
3. Micah’s body could regulate his own temperature. (He gets fevers everyday)
4. Continued healing around the brain stem and his body could gain full function.
5. Adjustment for our whole family as we prepare to bring Micah home.
6. Strength

Love and Deep appreciation
Dale & Sherrie

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Melissa said...

I am still praying hard!! I also wanted to get your email address because I don't have a current one. Mine is still mstigger@verizon.net and I just wanted to set up some visit dates. It is so strange how much we have in common between marriage and kids. I am looking forward to hanging out with you and your kiddos this summer! Email me soon so I can get your address!

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