June 22, 2007

Happy Father's Day '07!

What a beautiful Father's Day it was this year!
Joel and the cherubs...they LOVE their Papa!! :)
Joel, you are the best father to our kids...I fall more in love with you every day and even more when I watch you love on our kids. I love you!!

Me and my Dad...
Happy Father's Day, Papa...so glad I got to spend it WITH you this year! You're the bestest and I wouldn't trade you for anyone. I love you whole-a-butz!! :)

Us 4
(wow, how did I pull off that color coordination? Y'all KNOW I didn't plan that!!)

Us 4 with Joel's parents, John and Dian...down from Ontario for a visit...we've had a BLAST with them!! Soo happy y'all could come...Happy Father's Day, Dad #2!!!

Last but certainly NOT least...the LADIES! My mama, me and my Mom #2...go on with your bad selves lookin' so fine!!! :D


Melissa said...

Those sure are some beautiful pictures. I think the family one is gorgeous and I like how you used it on your header. Go you with the matching colors even with Joel's parents!!

Betty said...

Hey Kari, I loved the pictures too especially since i did not get to meet your Mom and Dad. I took ace out for Father Day's, Madang Lodge along with another couple.
Missing you at our ladies meetings, you brought the fun. Love Betty

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