June 22, 2007

More Picnic!

Alex's teacher had a bunch of games set up for the kids to play with their families

Alex LOVED the games!!

They planted a 'kindergarden' flower to grow all summer...
G-dad is giving "instructions" :D

Congratulations, Alex! We are SOO proud of you, Bubba! :D

This is Alex's class (minus one) and his WONDERFUL teacher! I know that his teacher was a God-send to us...she was fantastic in every way and was such an encouragement for Alex and I truly value her friendship. Thanks so much 'Mrs. Privett', YOU'RE THE BEST!!! :)

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Melissa said...

How much fun was that!! I am jealous because Dylan's school did not really do anything for the end of Kindergarten. I can't believe our little boys are going into 1st grade...where does time go? We hope you all can come visit us this summer. I think Dylan and Alex and Chloe and Zoe would become fast friends!!!

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