June 22, 2007

End of Year Kindergarten Picnic

Last Monday at Alex's school they had their end of year Kindergarten picnic! It was SO fun to see how much he's grown and learned and to see all his little friends. Even more special was the fact that BOTH sets of his grandparents go to attend. This little video clip is of all EIGHT kindergarten classes singing for the parents, etc. It was SOO adoreable (except poor dears had the sun in their eyes and it was HOT!) Alex lost it after the 3rd song but it was still really good! :D (by the way, when the clip first starts...Alex is in the back row, dead center of the screen in the green shirt and khaki green shorts and his hair is buzzed, he's between two girls. eventually you'll see him wiping the sweat from his brow! Ha!)

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1 comment:

theragan3 said...

too cute! thanks for sharing. Funny how he doesn't like the heat yet you spent HOW long in PNG!!?? Just like his momma!

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