June 29, 2007

Micah Magnusson Update

A few more updates from Micah's parents...they are preparing to bring Micah home. So many things need to be organized and planned out, please pray for wisdom and strength for Sherrie and Dale (parents) as well as peace and assurance. The Father loves Micah more than anyone ever could but it's the hardest thing in the world to release your child and let God care for them when there's not much else you can do. Please continue to bring this dear family before the Lord...He is the only One who knows what they need, etc. Thank you so much! Kari

June 28, 2007 at 09:38 PM EDT
Sorry this post is late. We got lost somewhere between the nurse case manager, insurance company, three sessions of therapy and trying to organize our house. The puzzle isn't put together yet, but the pieces are all there.

Micah yawned today, he tracked with his eyes very well, his responses continue. HE SEEMS TO KNOW HE IS GOING HOME. Tommorrow AM he gets the IVC filter out from his vena cava that is protecting him from blood clots. Please pray for no complications esp. a stroke.
He will lay flat for four hours and then we will see what puzzle pieces God puts together and when he can come home. We will let you know.

Luke made it to AZ but without his wallet. It was lost enroute. But he is safe and he has an extra license. He and Nate will return on July 2 and Kara and Josiah are coming home for the 4th.

Please pray as we go home that we could get organized quickly and that Micah would have all of his supplies and all the wonderful people helping us would feel appreciated because we are having a hard time thinking and making decisions and we don't want to hurt anyones feelings. We love all of you so much.

My sister in law, Rae Bruce spent the night at the hospital so Dale and I could sleep at home last night and she is having her parents 50th anniversary and 41 people over this next week. She and my brother, Rich have taught us how to do this everyday for 9 years as they so lovingly and faithfully care for their special needs daughter, Suzie who has down syndrome.

So many continue to sacrafice for us and the love Jesus has for our family is evident through you. Thanks for surrounding us with God's love every day. Looking to the ONE that holds the pieces in HIS hands. Sherrie

Thanks to all of you, Love Sherrie and family

June 27, 2007 at 07:02 PM EDT
It’s funny the things you miss about being home. . . the smell of your dryer, your own coffee pot dripping, the dog driving you nuts, and control.

Dale stays at the hospital at night and I stay during the day. I now know all the best red lights on the ½ hour drive to the hospital to put your make-up on.

My life is out of my control, but as long as I keep trusting in Jesus somehow the control I wish I could have, changes to REST. In order to find this Divine rest, I am learning to surrender. I give up what I want and I get what He wants for me. When full surrender is in place, suffering becomes worship. While we fully surrender to God, we continue to fight for Micah. We make sure everyday Micah gets the best care possible. Surrender isn’t giving up, surrender is letting the best “person” be in charge and that occurs when I give up trying to control.

I am resting in Micah’s room now while he is breathing entirely on room air with an SpO2 of 98%. His tube feeding is infusing at 55 ml/hr. with no residual. His face isn’t puffy and red from the reaction. Keflex has just been administered and the peg site infection is clearing up. His eyes are still red but improving. Micah responded to me from 8:00am-11:00am. He opened his eyes slowly on command, he moved his mouth, he pushed with his legs, and he held his left wrist up. We tell Micah to keep fighting while fully surrendering to The One in charge of his movements (including BM)! While we witness Micah’s suffering from coughing spasms and tracheotomy pain and his confusion; we worship with you and remember Jesus who suffered for us.

Worshiping, Resting, Surrendering, Fighting and still wishing I was in control sometimes, Sherrie It’s been a good day!

June 26, 2007 at 11:28 PM EDT
Today we started the morning with probate court here. Dale and I paid $400.00 to get custody of Micah. While the Representative read Micah his rights, Luke video taped the event and kept saying “Pick me Micah Pick me!

So many things have made us cry, but we just decided to laugh and look forward to the day Micah will see us getting custody of his bank account as he slept through the whole thing…..

Sherrie never got to finish today’s post so I am finishing up for her. She was busy all day and was exhausted at 8:00 pm.

Our day got interesting in the afternoon. He had his trach “downsized from and 8 to a 6. This is good but I don’t know why. He sat up in his chair for 2+ hours today and Sherrie said he was doing more of holding his head, it is still pretty wobbly and loose but she said it was better.

He has had improvements in his digestive/bowels. This is very good news. They found some of the Mersa infection on his feeding port and began him again on the same medicine that they had used to treat it in the ICU. However this time he appeared to have an allergic reaction to it. Sherrie first noticed that his face was looking red, then more so and puffy. After about 10 minutes she said “O my gosh, he is having an allergic reaction. We had seen this a few years earlier with another medicine. Quick, stop the medicine, call the Dr, give Benedrill (sp?) and relax. He is now resting and hopefully so is Sherrie.

It is so strange as we say the best part of the day is leaving the hospital, yet we can’t wait to get back up there each day. God gives us what we can handle each day.

I am asking for the next few days for specific prayers that Micah would be able to gain control over his eyes. Blinking, movement, and focus. Thank you for playing a large role in his restoration.

Resting in Him tonight,

Dale & Sherrie

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