June 13, 2007

Keep praying for Micah!

Magnusson family surrounding Micah's hospital bed

More updates from Micah's mom and dad...

June 12, 2007 at 03:05 PM EDT
Micah has been breathing on his own since 9:00 AM and he is very tired. They just removed the ventriculostomy which has been draining the spinal fluid and that went very well. As small as these two things may seem they are huge answers to all of our prayers for Micah and we praise God for each step towards Micah’s healing.

One of Micah’s friends prayed for him last night that we would not rush God’s path toward healing Micah. Another friend shared how God is speaking to Micah’s spirit during this time and He has things to say to him even in his coma. This reminds me of a verse in Psalms Psalm 42:7 “Deep call to deep at the sound of thy water falls”.

Micah appears to be more cognitive but it still unable to blink his eyes or squeeze our hands. He can however make it very difficult for them to draw his blood as he now responds with all four extremities to pain.

Now they would like to see Micah progress to voluntary movements with his eyes, hands, arms, legs especially in response to commands. They also want him to continue to breathe on his own without help from the ventilator.

Dale and I have not felt the need to ask God why this happened to Micah. We have felt the need to ask God What. What do you want us to believe you for? We have both felt very confident that God wants us to trust Him for Micah to be completely healed and you continue to confirm this as well. In this healing process, Micah may need to be moved to another facility. We are asking God “What do you want us to believe YOU for?”

It would be great if Micah could walk out of Sparrow Hospital and we could all have a parade and a Happy Dance for the LORD our God (I Kings 18: 39). We are willing to believe God for the next “what” HE has for Micah.

Asking God to deeply call to all of us as we stand amazed at our God!


June 12, 2007 at 10:10 AM EDT
Day 14

At 9:30 AM this morning they removed Micah from the ventilator for a trial. He is currently breathing completely on his own. They will continue this trial for the next few hours or until he becomes tired and needs help again. His mom is cheering him along one breath at a time.

Today they have also scheduled to remove the “drain tube” from his brain as well. He continues to make progress in his movements. His right side seems more active than his left. He remains in a coma. These are items for prayer. God is answering your/our prayers. Ps 116:1 “I love the LORD, because He hears my voice and my supplication (prayer for others)”

It is hard for me to fathom that it has been 14 days since this all began. I can not begin to express the emotions we have had and how God has been a Rock for us during this time. He has spoken and comforted us through His Word, through your prayers, your emails, phone calls, your visits, your meals, your hugs, your care …..We feel His Love and Strength through your touch. Bless you. Ps 66:16 “Come and hear, all who fear God, and I will tell of what He has done for my soul.”

Blessing His Name,


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