June 15, 2007

Country Carnival

One of the things I LOVE about living in the "country" is that small town feel. Last week there was a Carnival in one of the local towns nearby...so we took the kids one night (last year was their first time). It was SOO fun!! Of course the adults didn't ride but it was watching Alex and Chloe that was the biggest kick ever. We got them the all rides pass so they could ride all the rides and as many times as they wanted. It was the best! Enjoy some picts...

Alex thought the swings could have been a TAD more exciting than they were...

Chloe thought they were great (it was their first ride of the night)

BIG smiles...let's go UP!

Their FIRST roller coaster EVER!!

They LOVED it...the faster and bumpier the BETTER! That's my girl with her hand up in the air...ROCK ON KIDS!!! :D


Melissa said...

Isn't it so much fun having kids. It is like you get to experience life all over again with them. There is a small carnival type thing in Rehoboth that we take the kids to many times during the summer because the rides are so reasonable and I just enjoy watching their smiling faces. We will have to go when you all come to visit!!!

Oregon Criss's said...

That is fabulous!! I don't see carnivals here like that, but last September I flew out to Indiana to visit Lydia and Andy Farmer and we went to one in their small town and it was GREAT! I even got some really long curley potato thing and we played games I hadn't seen in years! Its the beginning of Summer Fun and Excitements!!!
Hug your wee ones for me! They look like they had the time of their lives!!!!

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