April 14, 2007

Playin' at BK

One of the cool things about living close to family is that you can just pick up and have playdates together whenver you want! This day we went to BK and they had a HUGE playground...the kids were in "kid heaven". Here's some picts... :D

So cool...

Little monkey...can't keep them on the ground!

That's my "BUBBA"!! I love being an Auntie! :D

And that's my sweet girl...nothing stops her from having a good time!

I just LOVE this picture of Abraham...holy cow, could his little smile get any BIGGER??! Now, THAT is having a GOOD TIME!! :D

1 comment:

theragan3 said...

SO glad that we have the chance to have days like this "play dates" with the cousins!
love you all

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