April 30, 2007

More Spring Walk picts

Mama and her little cherubs...
(Chloe had to help me up off those rocks...uh huh, I kinda fell back onto the rock and I have a nice bruise to show for it in an interesting spot! :)

I told Chloe to smile her nice "Princess Smile"...ta da! :)

Me and my girl...what's better than this??!

*Sigh*...don't it melt your heart?!

My BIG boy...when did he get so "grown up"? He is 1000% boy and I love every bit of him!


Oregon Criss's said...

Yea!!! She's ALIVE!!!
:) These pictures are so incredibly gorgeous! We have some nice walking trails that look just like yours and I know we're just plain spoiled to be close to such beauty!
Glad you're keeping your head above water! We'll try cutting you just a little bit of slack (you do after all have a bit of an excuse ;)
love ya Darling!!!

Melissa said...

Missed you girl! The pictures are beautiful. Aren't we blessed to have such wonderful (and cute) families to share beautiful days with. Your pictures show the promise of spring!!

Erin said...

Thanks for posting, I did miss you:( Those are great pics- you look beautiful especially. tanned?

Lady G~ said...

Don't feel bad about not blogging. We all know that moms are very busy.

You have a beautiful family. Everyone looks so happy and full of love.

theragan3 said...

there is my beautiful family! glad you had time to update the pics. even tho i see you weekly its still good to see pics.
love ya

Melissa said...

Such a beautiful family!

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