April 01, 2007

Big leg Small leg

Our friend, Dr. Ken, called us over one day...he had a new sleeve for Chloe's leg (which works wonderfully well) and he wanted us to see the BIGGEST leg he's ever made. Thought it would be a cool picture of the biggest leg (for a person who is an above the knee amputee) and the smallest leg he's made, together. :) Enjoy!

Chloe wanted her stuffed puppy to "play" INside the leg...can you see its outline? ;)

This is Chloe...reading to drive us home...uh, NOT! :D


Oregon Criss's said...

These pictures are GREAT!
Kari- I wish we lived closer! I think we'd have so much fun together!

theragan3 said...

too funny! good addition to the site!

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