March 08, 2007

Spring Reading Thing 2007 :)

Ooo Ooo Ooo...this is a great idea, y'all!
For those of you who LOVE to read...Check out Katrina at Callapidder Days for the WHOLE deal on this fun new way to get to that pile o'books you've been longin' to dive into, pour over and devour! :) I can't wait...why don't ya join in?
  • Who:
    The Spring Reading Thing is open to anyone and everyone!
  • What:
    The Spring Reading Thing provides an opportunity for all of us to set goals when it comes to our personal (or family) reading. Everyone who wants to join the challenge will make a list of books they'd like to read (or books they need to finally finish!) this spring. We'll share our goals with each other, and then share our experience and results when the challenge is over.
  • When:
    Not surprisingly, the challenge takes place during the spring. :) Specifically, it will run from March 21st through June 21st, 2007.
  • Where:
    Here, and on blogs all over the bloggy universe. I'll put up a Mr. Linky on March 21st where you can submit a link to your own Spring Reading Thing blog post. All I ask is that you share your goals and list of books in your post, and that you include a link back to the post here that contains the Mr. Linky. We want to spread our love of books and reading far and wide, and make sure people have easy access to everyone's lists!
  • Why:
    Because I love to read, and I know that so many of you do as well. But I think we all find ourselves saying things like, "Oh yeah, I've been meaning to read that novel" or "I really need to finish that parenting book I started two and half years ago"or "I should read some of the books I already have before I buy more"...but we don't always follow through on those well-intentioned plans. The Spring Reading Thing is the perfect opportunity to incorporate a little focus, a little structure into our reading. And besides, it's great fun to read everyone else's lists and discover new authors, books, and book-loving bloggers!
  • How:
    The start of the Spring Reading Thing is only two weeks away, so start thinking about your goals now. Keep a list. Make a pile. Visit the library. Scour reviews on Amazon. Look under your bed (you mean you don't have half-finished books under your bed?). Talk to friends. I'm sure it won't take long for you to get an idea of what you want to read this spring. Work on your post and then come back here on March 21st, ready to submit your link!

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