March 05, 2007

Chloe runs with her new leg!

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Video of Chloe WALKING in her NEW LEG!! :)
Hey y'all! This is pretty exciting hang on to your seats!! :) I had mentioned before in another post that I was thankful for God's PERFECT timing. Here is the story of just ONE of the ways God has shown us that in the past month or so. Providentially, my dad met up with some old church friends (Linda and Greg) at Goodyear...while chatting, Linda mentioned that they had a dear friend at their church who certified in Prosthetics. She had told him Chloe's story and he said he'd be happy to help in any way he could. That night, my dad came home and told me this and gave me the man's phone number. I was a bit timid at calling someone I didn't know and wasn't sure what to say...but I called and had a lovely conversation with a dear brother we now know as "Dr. Ken". What can I say? I know that God orchestrated this whole situation and at just the right time. We were really concerned for Chloe and her prosthesis...she was still walking on her toes and had quite a bend to her hip and knee. So, the next evening Ken came over and talked with us, met Chloe (she took to him almost right away, which is another miracle!) and really helped us understand alot about Chloe's situation and prothesis...things we had NO clue about before! It was a fantastic meeting...what has followed is simply a "God-thing". Ken has since then made Chloe an AMAZING new LEG, y'all! I can't even describe to you how Joel and I felt when we watched her walk almost normally in it for the first time since her accident in July. There were big smiles all around!! :) What Chloe has now for a foot is fairly new in pediatric prothetics and it's gives her much more normal function and movement (like a rocking motion as she walks in a tennis shoe). The leg is pretty much the size of her other leg (the first prosthesis was at least 2x the size of her other leg) and it has alot less "layers" to it, hopefully cutting down on the heat factor for her. We just can't thank the Lord enough for dropping Ken into our lives...and we just can't thank Ken enough for his servants heart and willingness to be used by God to do great things in our Chloe's life. We are truly humbled and full of thanksgiving! :)


Melissa said...

Kari, that is wonderful! What a small world and how cool to see God at work. The video was awesome and I am so happy for your family!
Love ya,

tatnlace said...

It truly is another day in paradise! I am so happy for Chloe. Thank you for sharing.

Danny, Leslie, Evelyn & Caleb said...

Congrats on the new leg.... I can truly say that I know how you guys feel. The girls are both looking great in their new legs and God has truly worked in amazing ways.
The Hulls Family

Danny, Leslie, Evelyn & Caleb said...

It's great to see Chloe running on her new leg. We are excited for you and truly understand how you feel. Both girls are looking great in their new legs and God is doing some great things as a result. We can't wait for Evi to start running and using her foot all the time!!!
The Hulls family

Anonymous said...

Great blog party and photos you have. COntest at my blog just launched. Come on back by and enter.

Heather said...

How absolutely AWSOME!!! God is so at work it is amazing! Congratulations to both of you.

eph2810 said...

I am so thrilled for you all :). God is awesome. Cloe looks so happy in the video. Thank you for sharing, Kari ) - God is good - all the time.

Blessings to you and yours.

Amanda said...

How aweseome! She looks so happy!

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