January 11, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #1

Thirteen of My Favorite Things!
(in no particular order)

Cuddle Hugs from Joel (my hubby)

Spontaneous Hugs and Kisses from my cherubs (Alex and Chloe)

Curling up with a Book on a Rainy Day

The Smell of Cut Grass in the Summer

Belly Laughs with my Kids

Letters/Emails from my Friends

Fresh Clean Sheets

Chocolate Anything

Hazelnut Coffee

Girls Nite Out with Erinn (my sis)

A Cup of Tea and a Chat with my Mom (Linda)
Deep conversations with my Dad (Paul)

Antique Shopping


Raggedy said...

Welcome to Thursday Thirteen!
It is good to have you.
Great list!
Thank you for sharing.
Happy TT'ing
My TT is posted

Caylynn said...

Welcome to Thursday Thirteen! That's a great list. :) I'll pass on the coffee though - I don't drink the stuff. ;)

Happy T13. :)

Frances said...

Welcome to Thursday Thirteen!
These were my favs on your list:
Fresh Clean Sheets
Chocolate Anything
Hazelnut Coffee
Thanks for sharing,

Mikala said...

Oh that was a fun one!

Fresh Clean Sheets are the absolutely BEST!

Happy TT and I’m up!

And, I also thought I'd invite you to join What the BLOG!?

It's a relatively new community that a friend created and that would, very much, like to see new members. We are also working on creating a community tradition if you will (something like a TT or like that). Suggestions are welcome. Go on over and take a look at What the BLOG!?

desert rat said...

Welcome to T13! Spontaneous hugs are definitely the best.

Alexis Jacobs said...

What a great list!!

Skittles said...

Welcome to TT .. great start! I love the pictures on the sidebar :) Thanks for dropping by mine.

crpitt said...

A lovely list! it was my first go and i didn't know what to post!

taya said...

Great list! Tea (or coffee) with loved ones is the best! Thanks for stopping by my place!

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