January 11, 2007

Photo Friday--Sister~Best Friend

This post is about my sister, Erinn...she also happens to be my very best friend!! :) It wasn't always that way...when we were younger we had the "typical" love/hate relationship. But when our parents decided to homeschool us, it was do or die baby! ;) Those homeschool years were the best for our family and the best for my sister and my relationship! We became best friends...kindred spirits and were inseperable! God knew I needed her desperately...she is my biggest fan, biggest supporter, biggest laughter maker, bright spot, faithful and bestest friend, favorite memory and maker, tradition keeper, quiet listener, sounding board, encourager, inspiration, confidant, partner in crime, cohort, my hero...she kicks my butt when I need it and she is the springboard I need to do better, reach farther, go longer...I love you, Rinny!!

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theragan3 said...

no you're the best sis! thanks for bringing a tear to my eye. the street goes 2 ways my dear sister and friend... and for all those reading this... everything she wrote is true!! HA! :)
Love you back sis!

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