December 20, 2006

UPdate on Chloe's appt :)

Hi everyone!

Thanks y'all for praying for Chloe on Monday...her appt went GREAT! Mary (who is a genius) was able to add some padded foam to the inside of Chloe's leg to take up the extra space. So now it fits nice and snug and NO MORE FALLING OFF (at inopportune times!)! PTL! :) Mary was also able to add some like soft fabric with a sticky back to the edge of the outer leg (that was ripping her clothes). So hopefully that will help the problem...when she bends her leg that edge really cuts through clothes so we'll see! :) Mary is really pleased with Chloe's progress...her gait is really improved...she's RUNNING doesn't get much better than that! The praise and credit goes to GOD alone...He is the Creator God who has fashioned Chloe to be as she is...He alone is the miracle worker and we just thank Him with all our hearts. We thank y'all too for being our prayer warriors!!! Much love to you!!

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