December 18, 2006

Pray for Chloe's appt today!

Hi y'all!
Just wanted to ask you to pray for Chloe today...she has an appt with Mary, the prosthetist. Apparently, Chloe's leg has changed shape recently and her leg needs to be adjusted. I'm not sure what they'll do but I'm hoping they won't have to take the leg. Also, the top part of the leg (around the knee area) is quite bulky and sticks out a bit and it has been causing some of Chloe's pants, etc to rip. This is not good for us since we had to find all new clothes to fit the leg in the first place. We are SO grateful for this leg but we do want something that will work well for her. Would you pray for the words for me as I talk to Mary about this and for wisdom for her as she tries to help Chloe? Thank you SO very much! We love you and can't imagine life without the blessing of dear friends and family in our lives. I'll let you know what happens...

Kari for us 4

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David and Erin James said...

How did the appt go?

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