November 22, 2006

What my heart is thankful for...

~I’m thankful for Joel, my knight in shining armor, the man of my dreams…
~I’m thankful for the way he swept me off my feet and made me feel like I was the only girl on earth
~I’m thankful for the tender way he fathers our children and desires to raise them to love our heavenly Father
~I’m thankful for his courage and strength to do what God calls him to do despite how it looks to others and his faithful consistency to see things through
~I’m thankful for the way he make me feel like everything will be ok, he is my steady sanity when my world is shaken
~I’m thankful for the way he is everything I am not…he completes me and makes me a better person
~I’m thankful for Joel, my one true love and I’m so thankful to be his wife and best friend!

~I’m thankful for Alex, my tender sweet boy…
~I’m thankful that he is now one of God’s children and He’s given him such a loving heart and a strong desire to do what’s right
~I’m thankful for his dear little smile that lights up my day
~I’m thankful for his sensitive heart to know when something’s wrong and his big hugs that warm my heart and make me feel good inside!
~I’m thankful for his strength and eagerness to do things on his own
~I’m thankful for his organization that everything has its rightful place, I admire Alex and learn from him every day
~He is my precious “bubba” and I am so thankful to be his Mama.

~I’m thankful for Chloe, my bubbly little angel…
~I’m thankful that God has spared her life and given her back to us
~I’m thankful for her big smile and laugh that fills my heart with joy!
~I’m thankful for her hysterical sense of humor and the way she likes to make everyone laugh
~I’m thankful for her determination and perseverance to do what is in front of her, how she blows everyone's expectations out of the water!! I admire her and learn from her every day.
~She is my “sweetie pies” and I am so thankful to be her Mama.

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Anonymous said...

WE are thankful for YOU! What a blessing to be family and to be able to share time together - the most precious gift of all.
Thanking HIM for you, Joel, Alex and Chloe!

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