November 07, 2006

Special DELIVERY!! :)

Ok, everyone...this is IT!! Chloe had the special delivery of her NEW LEG yesterday!! WHAHOO...we're still a tiny bit excited! :) Wanted to post picts asap because we know that SO many people are praying and waiting and thrilled to pieces with us! I'll try to get the posts in order so it's easy to see how it all unfolded...

This one is a bit out of order but oh well...Chloe has just WALKED the "runway" and has given Mary (the prosthetist) a HUGE HUG! We were ALL smiles! :)

STANDING UP for the first time on her own!!

That blue suction looking thingy is what we'll put the gel liner over after we wash it...helps it dry better. Chloe thought it was a great plaything! :) Check out that cute leg next to her!!!

Chloe was in a GREAT mood (thanks for praying)...she was giving orders to Mary about putting it on, what went first and to hurry up! Ha!! :)

Our precious Chloe...WALKING...can you get over that?? Almost four months to the day...God has worked a wondrous miracle in our midst!


David and Erin James said...

wow, look at that.... sooooo glad. Yay Chloe! I love seeing her smile and walk! She is amazing and He is amazing.

her hair looks so cute in braids too:)

Anonymous said...

Praise God!!! This brought the biggest smile to my face =)!!!!

Oregon Criss's said...

Kari- that is such a BEAUTIFUL set of pictures! Hug that sweet 'movin' girl for me!
God is SO incredibly amazing!!!!

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